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What Computer is Best for Photography – Photo editing

You must have seen many reviews of PC vs Mac for photography, this review is somewhat like that.

I have both Windows and Mac computer that I use for my photography work, I can not say that one is better than the other, I do use my Asus Gaming computer more though.

There are two things that I like on the Mac vs my Asus, it is color, and colors calibration are very easy on the Mac, the mouse and trackpad are also very nice on the Mac.

Here I have the same photo open on my Mac Pro on the left, my Asus on the right and connected to Asus 27inc Pro Art screen, I would say the color is more Exact on the Mac Pro, my normal workflow is with the Asus computer connected to the Asus screen.

On the Mac, I can go in System Preferences and click on Display for Color profiles and Color Calibration.

This option is very useful.

Then click on Colour.

Next, I click on Show profiles for this display only.

Because I’m a Nikon shutter and I have downloaded Nikon software like the ViewNX-i, I will get options to choose color profiles for my liking, I can also do color Calibration for my liking, but I usually just change the Display profile.

If you click the Calibrate this window will pop up, first read the introduction and then start to Calibrate.

I can also do this on my Asus computer but it does not work as well and is very difficult to find on the computer.

I thought when I bought my laptop’s five years ago that I would use them more when shooting on location but that has not happened yet, so my future computer can easily be a desk computer, I’m thinking of buying in 2019 a new iMac with 27inc or 30inc 5K screen.

Apple iMac (27″ Retina 5K display, 3.4GHz quad-core Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, 1TB) – Silver (Latest Model)

What Computer is Best for Photography – Photo editing


Almost all Mac computers are good for photo and video editing with 8 to 16gb ram.

I have late 2013 Mac Book Pro with SSD and 8gb Ram and I’m editing photos and video from my Nikon D810 36mp camera with good results.

Windows 10.

In the Windows world, I would look for a Gaming computer they seem to have all the good stuff to make a good photo and video editing computer with minimum 16gb ram is my recommendation,

Computer stores cannot sell any rubbish to gamers they know what to look for when buying a computer, so we who know little or nothing about computers should take advantage of that.

I’m using five years old Asus Rog Gaming computer with SSD and 16gb Ram with really good results.

This Lenovo Ideapad Y700 17 Laptop looks amazing, for sale on Amazon.com

Lenovo Ideapad Y700 17 Laptop – Core i7-6700HQ, 512GB SSD, 16GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M 4GB, 17.3″ FHD IPS (1920×1080)

Apple MacBook is a small and powerful computer for sale on Amazon.com

Apple MMGG2LL/A MacBook Air 13.3-Inch Laptop, 256 GB (Discontinued by Manufacturer)