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Nikon D7000 vs D7200, this is a quick look to see just how much difference is between those two cameras.

In this post, I’m hoping that I can help someone make a decision on which camera is better to buy or to keep.

Both camera bodies look and feel very similar, the grip on the D7200 feels a bit deeper and better too hold.

Nikon D7200 has better autofocus and is better in high iso, the LCD screen is bigger and brighter on the D7200 which is better when shooting on a sunny day.

Image quality.

They have similar image quality when shooting in good lighting conditions if I don’t need to crop, but if I crop the picture 100% the D7200 is a clear winner and is much sharper.

Because the Nikon D7200 is 24.2 megapixel it will zoom more into the photo then the 16.2-megapixel D7000 when I zoom in 100% and the D7200 picture is still much sharper and has more details.

Those pictures down below are taken using the same lens and I’m using the same camera settings on both cameras.

Nikon D7200 100% Crop
Nikon D7000 100 % Crop
Nikon D7200 original
Nikon D7000 original

In a low light situation the D7200 is also better, sharper pictures and better autofocus in low light, the D7000 is NOT known to have good autofocus, so having better autofocus will also benefit in sharper pictures with D7200.


Let’s start with wifi, the D7200 has wifi build inn, I use the wifi with a Nikon app VMU, this app doesn’t do much but it’s still very useful and can replace a shutter remote controller.

Mode dial lock release.

I don’t know how many times I have excitedly moved and chance settings on the Mode dial on my D7000 in the middle of a photo-shoot and I was absolutely clueless not knowing what happened to my camera settings, this lock mode dial that came on the D7100 and D7200 is a welcome change from D7000.

Image area.

You can choose an image area on the D7200 and not on the D7000.

This is also available on the Nikon D2x which is a crop sensor camera, this is good for faster shooting sport and etc,

Adjust and modifying Picture controls.

Adjusting the Clarity slider is something I use on my D810 when shooting B&W with old manual focus lenses and I love the outcome of that, see more in this post here, now I can do the same thing with my D7200.

Quick tech overview.

Nikon D7200




6 fps

NON CPU Lenses, yes

HDR, yes

Time-Lapse, yes

ISO 100 – 25,600

Mode dial lock, yes

Image Area selection, yes

Build-in WIFI, yes


HSS, yes

23.9 oz. (675 g)

24.2 Million

Monitor size 3.2 in.

Expeed 4

51 AF points

Compressed 12 or 14 bit

Two Card slot (SD)

Full HD 60 fps

March 2/2015

The estimated shutter count is 150.000.

Nikon D7000




6 fps

NON CPU Lenses, yes


Time-Lapse, NO

ISO 100 – 6400

Mode dial lock, NO

Image Area selection, NO

Build-in WIFI, NO


HSS, yes

24.3 oz. (690 g)

16.2 Million

Monitor size 3.0 in.

Expeed 2

39 AF points

Compressed 12 or 14 bit

Two Card slot (SD)

Full HD 24 fps

Sep 15/2010

The estimated shutter count is 150.000.

conclusion and recommendation

The Nikon D7200 is better and that is no surprise at all, I can almost say two times more camera, this is like mini D810.

But you need to know what you are going to do with a camera, a camera is just a tool like lenses and everything else in life when working with something.

After ten years of photographing, I know what I need for most of my photo-shoot jobs, but I remember in the beginning I had no clue what I needed and the experience will slowly come.

I think both of these cameras are good for learning and more, they can do most of what is needed for a professional photo-shoot.

Do you need wifi or more megapixels – build in time-lapse – build in HDR then Nikon D7200 is for you.

Nikon D7000 vs D7200