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Lens focal length FX vs DX Nikon cameras.

Here are a little focal length numbers FX vs DX on Nikon camera lenses, even if you have a DX lens the numbers are still the same as on the FX lens so you always have to do the math when using DX camera.

A very popular 18-55mm DX kit lens is actually a 27-82mm lens.

A Nikon 50mm lens is 75mm on a DX camera.

FX Lens in MM = DX in MM.

10mm = 15mm

14mm = 21mm

16mm = 24mm

17mm = 25mm

18mm = 27mm

20mm = 30mm

24mm = 36mm

28mm = 42mm

35mm = 52mm

40mm = 60mm

45mm = 67mm

50mm = 75mm

55mm = 82mm

58mm = 87mm

60mm = 90mm

70mm = 105mm

80mm = 120mm

85mm = 127mm

100mm = 150mm

105mm = 157mm

120mm = 180mm

135mm = 202mm

140mm = 210mm

180mm = 270mm

200mm = 300mm

300mm = 450mm

400mm = 600mm

500mm = 750mm

600mm = 900mm

800mm = 1200mm

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Focal length and angle of view

Lens Focal Length FX vs DX Nikon