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The Nikon SB-11 Speedlight is a very big and bulky Hammerhead flashgun that can be used with DSLR cameras nowadays, manually.

Nikon SB-11
The Nikon D810 with Nikon SB-11.
Nikon SB-11
The Nikon D810 with Nikon SB-11.

Product specifications.

Type: Handheld Mount.

Camera Type: For Film Cameras/Digital.

Weight Approximately: 860g / 30.3oz.

Guide No: 117.

The angle of Coverage: 40° vertical / 56° horizontal.

Vari-Power: Manual (full output).

TTL Dedication: Yes for a film camera, not available for digital cameras.

Zoom Head: No.

Bounce Head: No.

Swivel Head: No.

Recycle Time: Two seconds with SD-8 battery back and Eneloop Pro AA High Capacity Ni-MH batteries.

Power Source: penlight batteries 8 – 1.5v AA.

Dimensions (h) x (w) x(d): 276mm x 104mm x 118mm.

I use Nikon AS-15 hot-shoe adapter, then I can also trigger the flash with Godox X1 Triggering system.
Power controller, orange, yellow or blue, which are color-coded for use with the exposure calculator dial. At these settings, the SB-ll is able to vary its light output automatically to match the flash -to subject distance with film cameras.
Sync Cord SC-11
This cord has standard Nikon connections at both ends for a positive attachment of the SB-11 to a Nikon camera having a screw-in type sync terminal.
External Power Terminal (to the right) for Nikon SD7 and SD8.
Sync/Multiple Flash Sockets (to the left)
This terminal is for the connection of a separate battery pack. Two standard Nikon screw-in type terminals are provided on the SB-ll Speedlight. Either terminal can be used to attach the Sync Cord SC-ll, while the other is provided for connecting the SB-ll with another Speedlight in series for multiple flash operation.
The red open-flash button is used to fire the Speedlight manually without having to trip the camera’s shutter. In this manner, you can create multiple-exposure “stroboscopic” effects or paint the scene with light by firing the Speedlight repeatedly.
Power switch and the SB-ll ‘s exposure calculator dial helps you select the usable range of f/stops for the speed of the film (ISO) in use and the flash-to, subject distance, this works with a digital camera also.
Bracket SK-4
Bracket SK-4
Bracket SK-4
The Speedlight SB-ll ‘s bracket can be attached to various
camera and/or motor drive combinations, To change the attachment screw from one slot to another, slide it to the threaded end of the slot and unscrew it; then screw it back into the threaded end of the other slot, Once screwed in, the attachment screw can be moved freely to any position along with the slot, The diagram indicates the recommended position of the attachment screw for all Nikon
SLR cameras and motor drives.

I use Panasonic Eneloop Pro AA High Capacity Ni-MH Pre-Charged Rechargeable Batteries in the flashgun and the Nikon SD-8 battery back,

then recycle time is two seconds when shooting the Nikon SB-11 in full power with those batteries.

The Nikon SB-11 has no overheating protection.

Nikon SB-11 Speedlight Review