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Nikon D2x review 2018

I have always been curious to see how an old professional Nikon DSLR camera can do against a newer Nikon entry-level DSLR camera.

So, just for fun, I did a little test between the Nikon D2x and Nikon D3400, both are DX crop sensor cameras and both can shoot 12-bit raw file, D3400 has Compressed 12-bit NEF (RAW) the D2x has 12-bit Uncompressed, so if I shoot the same subject with the same lens the RAW files are about the same 19.2MB from both cameras, the D3400 is 24.2 Megapixels the D2x is 12.4 Megapixels.

It’s safe to say the Nikon D3400 is much better in almost everything.

I find the Nikon D2x to have a little bit quicker autofocus but the Nikon D3400 has more accurate autofocus, but slower.

The biggest difference between those cameras (old vs new) is the LCD screen and the menu system that I find much better in the Nikon D3400.

Next is the ISO and there is basically no comparison the Nikon D3400 has much better ISO and the pictures from the Nikon D3400 are also much sharper.

The Nikon D2x support HSS High Sync Speed for on-off camera Flash use, the Nikon D3400 does not.

Nikon Creative Lighting System CLS is NOT Supported in both cameras.

Nikon D2x support AF – AF-S lenses and old manual focus lenses, the Nikon D3400 only support lenses that have built-in autofocus system.

Nikon D2x Review and Compatible Lenses and flash.

Nikon D2x High Points.

From 2004.


12.4 Megapixels.

Image Size: 4288 x 2848.

One CompactFlash card slot, 32GB Is the Maximum Card size for this camera. I’m using a similar Card – CompactFlash UDMA 7 1000x in my Nikon D2x.

With this camera, you can make 4K time-lapse or hyper-lapse video with editing software after the picture has been taken, the picture resolution is big enough 4288 x 2848 pixels, 4K video is 3840 x 2160 pixels.

ISO 100 – 800.

5-8 fps, 5 fps when high-speed crop mode off, resolution 4288 x 2848,
buffer capacity to 17 frames in continuous shooting.

8 fps in high-speed crop mode on 3218 x 2136
buffer capacity to 30 frames in continuous shooting.

11 AF points.

Shutter Speed 1/8000 to 30s in steps of 1/3 EV – Bulb.

The estimated shutter actuation for Nikon D2x is 150.000. I think most of those cameras go way over this number.


Flash sync speed 1/250s.

HSS – High-speed flash sync is possible with this camera, but only with Nikon flashes, Godox or Neewer flashes cannot be used with the Nikon D2x.


Information from Nikon.

Use only Nikon Speedlights with the Nikon D2x and D2xs, Negative voltages over 250 V applied to the accessory shoe could not only prevent normal operation but also damage the sync circuitry on the camera or flash.

But, I been using my Godox AD200 flash without any problems with this camera.

Compatible Lenses.

Nikon D2x can use AF-S. AF. AIS and NON-AI lenses, basically, everything that fits the camera can be used

Picture angle and focal length.

When calculating the focal length of the lenses for the Nikon D2x in 35mm format,

multiply the focal length of the lens by about 1.5 high-speed crop mode off.

high-speed crop mode on – multiply the focal length of the lens by about 2.0

printable size of this camera file.

I have an Epson printer that can print up to A3 paper size max, I did use Canon pro one printer for four years but that printer died so I bought the Epson printer and I like that printer very much.

I can print A3 paper size from the Nikon D2x files easily.

The Print from Nikon D2X.

Nikon D2x with Nikon 60mm Magro @ 1/60s – f/8 – ISO 100 + Nikon SB-910 Flash.

Nikon D2x with Tamron 70-200mm – 160mm – ISO200 – 1/160s – f/8 Nikon SB910 flash.
This was my set up for this picture, I really like using this camera with this flash.

About the Nikon D2Xs vs D2X.

Nikon D2Xs is a digital single-lens reflex camera announced on June 1, 2006, replacing the professional Nikon D2X.

It’s improvements over the original D2X include:

Automatic viewfinder masking in high-speed crop mode
Increased buffer capacity to 60 frames in continuous shooting
Additional ISO steps between 800 and 1600
Improved metering for High-Speed Crop
More Autofocus options
An AF system that can now detect focus at lower contrast and in lower light
Higher capacity battery rated to 3,800 exposures per charge
Improved Auto-ISO features
Image verification
Ability to save and load camera settings from a memory card
2.5 inch (64 mm) 230,000 pixel LCD with 170-degree viewing angle (same as D200)
Menu look ported from the D200
Black and White mode
Additional color mode selections
Locking USB connector
Support for multiple custom curves
A lockable recent settings menu
Improved GPS data recording
AF and VR mode recording in shooting data
In-camera cropping

The original D2X gets the majority of these upgrades with a simple firmware update, with the exceptions of,

Increased buffer capacity to 60 frames in continuous shooting
Automatic viewfinder masking in High-Speed Crop mode
2.5 inch (64 mm) 230,000 pixel LCD with 170-degree viewing angle (the viewing angle is the area of improvement—size remains the same)
The larger capacity EN-EL4e is compatible with the original D2X and will give it the same improved battery life.

What I think, roundup.

I started my photography with the Nikon D7000 so I never got around to use such an old Nikon DSLR camera like the Nikon D2x until now.

This camera is packed with options in the menu system that I have not seen before in other Nikon cameras so it can take some time to go through all the settings.

in my opinion, this camera is okay to use nowadays but I would only use this camera for professional use with flashes and studio strobes mainly because of low ISO from 100 to 800 ISO.

what I’m happiest with buying this camera is that I can use the battery and the charger for my Nikon D700 when used with the battery grip and I did find out that I like to use the Nikon professional camera body.

Nikon D2x Review 2018
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