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Nikon D700 Ten Year Anniversary 2008 – 2018 Birthday Review.

The legendary Nikon D700 DSLR camera has its Ten-year anniversary in July 2018 and I’m lucky enough to own one.

I bought the Nikon D700 for two years ago to use mainly for private work and as a backup camera alongside with my Nikon D810.

I was not going to use my Nikon D700 much for professional work, only for backup and private use only, but that has changed, the camera is much better than I thought in the beginning, I was a camera megapixel gig but after using this camera I don’t think so much about the megapixels anymore, some cameras perform well even if they are low megapixels and the Nikon D700 does that exactly.

When a customer ask me to do a photoshoot I evaluate if my customer wants prints, and how big prints, or just pictures for the internet, and for the past four years most of my customers have wanted their pictures ready for Facebook or pictures to show on their website, the biggest print that customer has wanted me to print is A4 paper size.

I use my Nikon D810 – 36 MP Raw files for something like this.

  • City and Landscape photography
  • Studio portrait photography
  • Group shoots and portraits.

And my Nikon D700 – 12.1 MP Raw files for something like this.

  • Party and Music events
  • Macro photography
  • Nature and Landscape photography
  • Private use.

There is something special about this camera it just feels perfect, Nikon really did everything right with the D700.

The Nikon D700 does not have Video recording which is good because the video quality would be outdated by now, and the Nikon D700 has only one card slot for CF card, just imagine that.

The 12.1-megapixel CMOS Sensor in the Nikon D700 is a perfect size for the internet.

Most of the main smartphone manufacturers are using 12 MP camera sensor size on their phones today.

Nokia 1030 smartphone came on the market 2015 with 50 MP camera and everybody thought back then that after few years all smartphones would have 100 MP cameras, but no, they are only 12 MP today, perfect file size for the internet right, and just to be clear the Nikon D700 is much better than any smartphone camera.

Buying Guide.

The first thing you should check is the shutter count, the Nikon D700 camera is estimated for 150.000 shutter count average, most of the time they go over 300.000. 

When you buy a used Nikon D700 camera check the battery, a new Nikon original battery should be able to hold power for 1000 shots or more and good used battery over 500 shots.

When I bought my Nikon D700 the battery that came with it could only take 20 pictures and everything was so slow in the camera, the focus was slow, and the shutter was always getting stuck in upright position.

I bought MB-D10 Vertical Battery Grip and with it came two third-party EN-EL3e Li-ion battery, they were not so good I could only take 300 – 400 shots on battery, so I bought this battery – Panasonic Eneloop Pro AA 2500mAh NiMH Rechargeable Battery, I use eight of these batteries with the battery grip that I bought and it’s like the camera is on steroids, I took over 1000 raw photos in continuous bursts and the battery was still showing full.

With original battery, the camera can take 5fps and with Eneloop battery, the camera can take 8fps, the buffer can take 16 raws in one burst.

View My Battery Experience post click here

This is what I’m using the camera for.

I’m still using a ten-year-old DSLR camera for shooting events like this, Night Club light trails photography and music festival.

Nikon D700 + Nikon 24-85mm @24mm f/8 – ISO 200 1/8s + Nikon SB 910 flash iTTL.
Nikon D700 + Nikon 24-85mm @24mm f/8 – ISO 200 1/8s + Nikon SB 910 flash iTTL.

Music festival.

Nikon D700 + Nikon 24-85mm @24mm – f/8 – ISO 200 – 1/320s + Nikon SB 910 flash.

Fireworks photography 2017 – 2018 in pouring rain, no problem.

Nikon D700 + Tamron 70-200mm @70mm f/14 – ISO 100 – 16s

The Best thing about Nikon D700 camera.

Excellent in low light and the auto-focus is quick enough for me.

The worst thing about this camera.

The camera shutter is very loud and that is why I like to use the Nikon D700 for Party and music events photography.

Nikon D700 Ten Year Anniversary 2008 – 2018
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