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Nikon SB-600 Review.


The Nikon SB-600 is an old and very good Speedlight, I have a lot of Speedlights from NikonNeewer – Yongnuo – Meike and Godox studio strobes and the Nikon SB-600 is still going strong when compared to the others.

The menu system in the Nikon SB-600 can be a little bit intimidating at first but soon after the first use, you start to learn how to use the flash.

I use this flash both on and off the camera, more off the camera though but I don’t hesitate to use the flash on camera when I need to.

The i-TTL function on the Nikon SB-600 is really reliable, much better on this flash than on other third party flashes.

The only time that I had a problem using this Nikon SB-600 was when I was using normal AA batteries, in the beginning, this flash needs powerful batteries like this one here, the recycle time reduced from 10 sec to 1-2 sec when used in full power.

I was shooting student after party and I made the decision to use the Nikon SB 600, this flash helped me a lot that night I could really trust the TTL function on this flash, the Nikon SB-600 flash did not let me down the whole evening.

According to Nikon Website.

Key Features

Supports the Nikon Creative Lighting System

Supports i-TTL (for automatic balanced Fill-Flash), D-TTL, TTL, Manual

Easy-to-view LCD with 6 simple-to-understand backlit buttons

Guide Number of 30/98 [ISO100,m/ft], 42/138 [ISO200,m/ft] (at 35mm zoom)

Auto zoom of 24 to 85mm, extendable to 14mm with built-in wide-flash adapter.

Wide area AF Assist Illuminator

Advanced Wireless Lighting available when used as a remote unit

Auto FP High-Speed Sync; use with fast shutter speeds achieves effective blurring of out-of-focus background elements

Flash Color Information for automatic adjustment of the camera’s white balance to an optimized value determined by the Speedlight

FV lock keeps flash value fixed, enabling recomposition prior to shooting

Accurate i-TTL flash control achieved through flash exposure monitoring control

Design consistent with those of next-generation D-SLRs, with a triangular design element on the top that complements the D-SLR motif

Supports optional Color Filter Set (SJ-1)

Ready light located beside the LCD on the back panel, highly visible even when used as a remote unit.

Nikon SB600 Speedlight Review
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