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Tamron 150-600mm f/5-6.3 SP DI VC USD (Nikon) review


By: Smari S Smarason


As always i’m gonna talk straight out about this lens, but first let’s have a look at technical info

Technical Specifications

Model A011
Lens Construction Groups/Elements 13/20
Angle of View Diagonal 16°25′- 4°8′ for full-frame format.

10°38′- 2°40′ for APS-C format.

Minimum Aperture F/32-40
Minimum Focus Distance 2.7m – 106.3in
Macro Magnification Ratio 1:5
Filter Diameter ø95
Weight 1951g – 68.8 oz – including detachable tripod mount
Diameter φ105.6mm
Length 1 257.8mm 10.1 in
Diaphragm Blade Number 9 – circular diaphragm
Accessory Lens hood, detachable tripod mount
Mount Canon, Nikon, Sony A mount.




This is an okay lens for people who are curious to find out if this focal length 150-600mm is somthing you been looking for.

The lens is very cheap compared to other lenses like this and well built, the VC on Tamron lenses are excellent.




First of all I do not have this lens anymore I sold the lens 6 months ago, I had this lens for about 14 months and I used a lot the time that I had the lens with both my Nikon D810 and D7000.

I like using this long lenses, what I found out was the Tamron 150-600mm was not that good from 400-450mm to 600mm exactly very bad, if I wanted sharp picture with this lens on 600mm then my subject needed to be as close as possible but with in the focusing distance of the lens then maybe I could get sharp picture, so I was better off just using my Tamron 70-200mm 2.8 on my D7000 (=105-300mm) and always get sharp picture (of course not as long), so I sold the Tamron 150-600mm lens.

What i found out was I needed longer focal length and with more sharpness, that kind of lenses cost a lot of money and I haven’t got around to buy one yet. but as I said, I like to have this long lenses but the Tamron 150-600mm was in my opinion almost unusable from 400-600mm

Conclusion and recommendation