Nikon 20mm 1.8G ED lens review

Nikon 20mm 1.8G lens

Technical Specifications

Advantages of the 20mm lens

lens distortion

Bokeh test

Nikon 20mm on FX vs DX camera

Downtown photography

Landscape photography

Parties – Wedding

Group shots

low-light Video

Sun Flare Video

Minimum Focus Distance


The Nikkor 20mm f1.8G ED is an ultra wide prime lens 20mm is a very short focal length with an angle of view of 94 degrees on a FX-body.

On a DX-body the lens is like a 30mm with a 70 degree angle of view.

I like to use this lens 50/50 with my FX and DX camera that I use on a day to day basis, For my choice of photography I’m always gonna use FX and DX camera mainly because of usability of my lenses, and also to have a second camera body.

By: Smari S Smarason


Technical Specifications / Basic online info.

Mount Type: F

Focal Length: 20mm

Maximum Aperture: f/1.8

Minimum Aperture: f/16

Format: FX/35mm

Maximum Angle of View (DX-format): 70°

Maximum Angle of View (FX-format): 94°

Maximum Reproduction Ratio: 0.23x

Lens Elements: 13

Lens Groups: 11

Diaphragm Blades: 7

Super Integrated Coating


AF-S (Silent Wave Motor)

Minimum Focus Distance: 0.66 ft. (0.2m)

Focus Mode: Auto, Manual

Filter Size: 77mm

Dimensions (Approx.): 3.2 in. (82.5 mm) x 3.1 in. (80.5 mm)

Weight (Approx.): 12.6 oz. (355 g)

Lens construction.The Nikkor 20mm f/1.8G contains a total of 13 lens elements, two of which are “Extra-low Dispersion” (ED) lens elements

Advantages of this 20mm lens, in my opinion.

This ultra-wide 20mm lens is good to capture:

landscapes and architecture.

wedding – parties.

Close focusing to 0.66 feet

group shots.



Minimum Focus Distance: 0.66 ft. (0.2m) almost macro.

This is one of my favorite lens to use you can do so many thing with this lens, I never go out on a photoshoot without taking this lens with my, this lens is very sharp and the colors are good also, this lens can also focus very close to your subject, almost macro the shooting possibilities are nearly endless with this lens.

lens distortion

Next two pictures were captured in RAW and then converted to JPEG with out any photo editing so the are straight out of the camera, but the brick wall is not so straight, this lens almost don’t have any distortion

Nikon D810 20mm 1.8G ED @ f4


Nikon D810 20mm 1.8G ED @ f4


Bokeh test

This lens create great bokeh effect but your subject need be very close to you because of the ultra-wide angle, but that is okay because of the Minimum Focus Distance: 0.66 ft. (20cm) you can focus very close to your subject.

Nikon D810  @ f/1.8   1/2500s   ISO 100   SB-910 flash


Nikon 20mm on FX vs DX camera

My Nikon camera is FX – full frame and I can also use DX crop on it, here I’m using the Nikon 20mm on FX and DX crop just to give you an idea of the difference.

Nikon D810 in FX mode = 20mm


Nikon D810 in DX mode = 30mm


 Downtown photography

This lens is much more versatile than 50mm lenses that I have for downtown photography, but for cityscape photography I like the 50mm and the 85mm lens more.

Nikon D810 – 20mm f/4.5 / ISO 220 – 1/100s


Nikon D810 – 20mm f/4.5 / ISO 64 – 1/1600s


Landscape photography

In my opinion i think this lens is to wide on FX body for landscape photography unless you are gonna crop the photo to 16×9 or 21×9 than it can look good

Nikon D810 – 20mm f/4.5 / ISO 64 – 1/800s


21×9 crop


Nikon D810 – 20mm f/11 / ISO 64 – 1/250s   SB-910 flash (16×9 crop)

sjór 3

Nikon D810 20mm @ f/5.0   1/400s   ISO 100


Parties – Wedding.

This lens is perfect for parties and indoors shooting

I added a vignetting to this photos and they are heavily cropped also and converted to B&W.

Nikon D810 – 20mm f/2.8 / ISO 160 – 1/400s


Nikon D810 – 20mm f/2.8 / ISO 160 – 1/250s


Nikon D810 – 20mm f/5.6 / ISO 100 – 1/200s


Nikon D810 – 20mm f/5.6 / ISO 100 – 1/200s


Nikon D810 – 20mm f/1.8 / ISO 31 – 1/250s


Group shots.

Nikon D810 20mm @ f/6.3   1/125s   ISO 1600   SB-910 flash.

Fashion Day Sonderborg 2015

low-light Video.

Sun Flare Video.

Minimum Focus Distance: 0.66 ft. (0.2m) almost macro.

This lens can focus very close to your subject, almost macro.

Nikon D810 20mm @ f/1.8   1/8000s   ISO 64



Sometimes this lens back focus, but that have something to do with ultra-wide view that you get with this lens. With this ultra-wide view there is a lot more to focus on for the camera.

Nikon 20mm 1.8G Lens Review
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